From the Director’s Desk…..

First of all, I wish to thank you for showing interest in Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Chandigarh. This Department has been successfully providing the quality education through its Industrial Training Institutes and Government Polytechnics and is committed for continuous upgradation in the quality of technical education in the region.

We expect to provide students an enriching, learning and world class experience on daily basis. Sharpening of technical skills is just one of goals, others goals being to make them a good employee/entrepreneur, good citizens and importantly good human being. This is done through the curricular, co curricular and extracurricular activities.

The latest facilities in all technical institutes besides a dedicated team of faculty under the able leadership of the Principals, has always attracted the best lot of students in the region, and we aspire to do so in coming times as well.

As a prospective student, I welcome you to explore the options available to you in our diverse academic programmes which are both technical and non-technical in nature. I urge you not to hesitate in contacting us for any clarification, if needed.

For industries representatives, I also welcome you for any queries about our students, courses and / or institutes. Further we shall be happy to explore any initiative of mutual interest. As a parent, I shall be assuring that your child is having a fruitful time with us and it will be used in the best interest of them.

For others, I request you to kindly contact for any opinion, question etc.

Sh.Amandeep Singh Bhatti, PCS
Director Technical Education
U.T. Chandigarh